Nov 08

Here’s what it would look like if Tom Selleck’s mustache was on Mr. Redlegs, and Mr. Redlegs’ mustache was on Tom Selleck’s face.

*After making this mashup, I realizes that Selleck is the star of “Blue Bloods” and Mr. Redlegs is the Cincinnati Reds mascot. Red vs. Blue, GOP vs. Dems, Bloods vs. Crips.

I hope this doesn’t start anything…

Nov 06

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch site, Virginia has an extra precinct:


*I wanted to make a Middle-earth joke about this, but then I learned that Middle-earth isn’t a hidden place. I should probably read “Lord of the Rings” at some point.

Oct 22

I hopped on Facebook just now to see this:

Because I love Ben and Jerry’s so much, I had to know right away. I figured I would try to lighten the photo to see if that was the actual pint. But figured there was no way they would make it that easy.

I was wrong:

Obviously the text is mine, but you can see below it’s there. Assuming this is a limited batch for “Anchorman 2.”

Sounds good, but I’d rather keep eating (and bathing in) Cannoli.

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